It is very affirming when our patients return to us with their other children or recommend their friends and neighbors. It validates our work and there is no greater compliment to Dr. Cigna and his team of professionals. Thank you.

Written Testimonials

Cassidy has been a patient at Cigna-Kroboth Orthodontics since 2010 and we have had nothing but exceptional experiences. We drive all the way from Highland because we believe that the professionalism and amazing customer service is well worth it. Dr. Cigna and Dr. Kroboth always make sure I, as a parent, am fullly informed about each step of the process. Not to mention, the support staff has been a pleasure to work with every time. We have already begun treatment for our second daughter! Thank you!                                        Cassidy H.

We are very happy with the attention and care that Tyler recieved during his teeth-straightening process. Your staff is warm, friendly, and competent. The before and after pictures speak for themselves. Thank you! 
Maryanne S. 

My experience was very pleasant. The staff here have been and continue to be extremely welcoming and nice people. I'm extremely happy with the results. 
Sobana B. 

My son had a severe overbite. Most orthodontists would have extracted his permanent teeth to remedy the situation. I am so grateful that Dr. Cigna and Dr. Kroboth made every effort not to go that route. My son now has a great smile and he didn't have to loose any permanent teeth. Thank you Dr. Cigna and Dr. Kroboth! 
Frankie B. 

I felt like both the doctors and the assistants took the time to get to know me personally. One time, I talked with an assistant for what felt like 30 minutes about her, me, school, her daughters school. I just feel like it was a very positive atmosphere in the office. 
Frankie B. 

Dr. Cigna is the Orthodontist of my two daughters. He is a great doctor. All the other staff in his office are professional and friendly. I have referred a few of my friends to Cigna Kroboth Orthodontics. I'll continue to do that. Thanks for all the wonderful services! 
Amy Z. 

I had two children become patients of Cigna Kroboth Orthodontics. My son received his braces first. There was never any question that we would return with my daughter as well. The entire staff was extremely friendly and professional. Even when we had an issue with payment from our insurance company, Joan handled it and solved the problem. Both my son and daughter have such nice smiles! 
Michael O. 

Dr. Kroboth has been fantastic to work with. Her attention to detail and report with her patients is excellent. 
Serena S. 

I've had a good experience with my treatment. Everyone has been very kind and helpful. I am very satisfied with my results and am very happy. Thank you so much for your dedication to the patients, my children, and myself. 
Monica L. 

Our experience with Cigna/Kroboth Orthodontics was a very pleasant one.  We obviously had a great deal of contact with your staff after Julia being a patient with braces for approximately 2 1/2 years. The staff was extremely welcoming and always polite.  Dr. Cigna and Dr. Kroboth were always willing to take the time to explain Julia’s orthodontic issues and procedures to me.  The billing department was also quite helpful and also willing to take the time to explain the billing procedures.  Whenever I needed to cancel and reschedule an appointment, it was done with ease and without annoyance! The office was always clean, cheery, and decorated for each holiday season making it fun for both patients and their families.  Finally, the periodic contests were also an added personal touch which made it fun for your 
Cathy R. 

The original reason for an orthodontic consultation for my daughter was misalignment of teeth, TMJ and teeth embedded in bone in a sideways position. My first impression of the office was that it was very clean and the staff and doctor seemed professional, gracious, and accomplished. I was completely informed of the diagnosis and treatment plan and all my questions were answered; and I asked A LOT of questions. The results are gorgeous. No surgery was needed, as another orthodontist told me would be necessary. The bite is perfect, and there is no more TMJ. She has a much more beautiful jaw line that has transformed her whole face. What I like most about the office is that the staff are professional but friendly, accommodating, patient and prompt. I believe that orthodontics has helped my daughter in her personal and professional life. She was always quite confident, but now she flashes that gorgeous smile constantly, whereas before she was reluctant to show her teeth. I ABSOLUTELY refer friends and family to Dr. Cigna's office. We moved several times during the course of treatment and more recently traveled over 150 miles for each appointment. A huge burden, but so worth it.
Mrs. Ehrman, Bethel, NY

I originally came to Dr. Cigna to remove a dead tooth and fix the gap left behind with braces. My first impression of the staff was that they were friendly, well-informed and attentive. I was completely informed of the diagnosis and treatment plan. All my initial questions were answered and Jane (the treatment coordinator) was very helpful with any follow up queries. I am very pleased with my results. All the assistants are lovely and Diane was a joy. I would feel comfortable referring friends to the office.
Mrs. Pleva (adult patient) Wappingers Falls, NY

Both my children go to Dr. Cigna. My son had Phase-One treatment and is now in Phase Two. My daughter is entering Phase-Two treatment. Everything is always explained to us and my kids feel very comfortable. The staff is always very polite, and the office is clean and well run. The referral program and wooden nickel programs are fun and I have seen the kids’ mouths that have come out of this office and they are gorgeous. During these economic times, having two kids in braces is a challenge and I am confident that going to Dr. Cigna will ensure our investment lasts forever.
Mrs. Jan Smalley, Clinton Corners, NY

I am writing to offer my support for Dr. Salvatore Cigna. He did a beautiful job on both my daughters' teeth. We are not only thrilled with their smiles, but also the experience we had with Dr. Cigna and his staff. The entire staff treated my children like family. Dr. Cigna took the time to get to know each one of our kids.  We have sent many of friends to him and they can’t thank us enough.
Mrs. Maryann Brandow, LaGrange, NY

We had a wonderful experience at Dr. Cigna’s office. The doctors and assistants are very helpful and the office is comfortable and clean. My son had Phase-One treatment with Dr. Cigna and the results are beautiful. The girls in the front are always friendly and helpful. You always have something going on in the office that makes it fun for the kids to visit. The game room with a Playstation is a big hit with both my boys. Thank you.
Mrs. Colantuono, Pleasant Valley, NY

Comments straight from our patients:
(The following are written by minors and to protect their privacy we only give their first name and where they are from.)

I had to have braces to move my lower jaw forward. Everyone was very nice and friendly. My family and I noticed how clean and nice the office was. Orthodontic treatment has given me more confidence. I tell everyone about this place.
John-- Hopewell Junction, NY

I had orthodontic treatment because my teeth weren't straight. I smile prettier now because my teeth are sooo straight. The doctor and staff don't take long to take you in and they are polite. Everyone is very approachable and ready to answer your questions. The office is always clean and decorated.
Ashley-- Poughkeepsie, NY

I originally came to Dr. Cigna because my teeth were not straight. I was informed of the treatment plan and I knew exactly what was going to happen every time. I love the way my teeth look and feel and now I can smile for real!
Jacqueline-- Lagrangeville, NY

I came to Dr. Cigna because my dentist recommended him. I think it was because I had spacing in between my teeth. My first impression of the office, staff and doctor was very good. My sister came here, too. All of my questions were answered, and the staff is very nice and the office always looks nice. I am very pleased with the result; my teeth feel amazing. Having braces has made me feel better about my school pictures.
Alex-- Lagrangeville, NY



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