Hopewell Junction

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Our Philosophy

Our Mission Statement

Our patients are important, each one individually; they deserve our time, undivided attention, and respect.

Our patients deserve good communication, with information imparted in a clear and understandable fashion.

We are here to educate our patients in orthodontics and to treat them with care, understanding, and concern in the beginning, middle, and finishing stages of treatment.

We want our patients to know that our organization works in harmony to obtain one common goal and that is to deliver excellent orthodontic care.

Our Non-Extraction Philosophy

Dr. Cigna’s extraction rate is approximately five percent, much less than the national average! They emphasize treating not only the teeth but also the face to create a better-balanced and more beautiful profile. They do this because excessive extraction of permanent teeth can cause negative profile changes. As the lips move back and the nose and chin continue to grow forward in adulthood, a concave profile and a prematurely aged face can result. Dr. Cigna uses state-of-the-art auxiliary appliances, in addition to braces, to increase arch length and width in order to avoid extraction of permanent teeth. Severe crowding may require extractions to create a stable occlusion but these cases represent a small percentage of patients. 

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